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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mashpee Middle School -- March 18

41° 36' 57" N70° 30' 34" W

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The EarthView Team is pleased to be visiting Mashpee Middle School in the Cape Cod town of Mashpee. Members of the BSU geography department have been learning about the geography of Mashpee from a Wampanoag perspective during recent field trips.

Map from the indigenous learning tools at
ECHO Space
Mashpee is also known for its status as a Green Community with innovative energy production from wind and the architectural integrity of its Mashpee Commons shopping area, which was developed specifically to combat the problem of suburban sprawl.

As geographers, we are delighted to see that the town web site makes it very easy to explore Mashpee through GIS. The map of the school property below was prepared in a matter of seconds. It highlights the school property in the context of surrounding land use, and indicates the presence of wetlands. Use Mashpee's Public Maps Online site to create maps of your neighborhood or the entire town!

 Our visit coincides with the anniversary of Johnny Appleseed's death in 1845. He was a real person, and he was from Massachusetts. Read about the legend and the fascinating realities of the real John Chapman on Mass Moments. Many other interesting events took place on this date, including Britain's repeal of the Stamp Act (1766) and the Gardner art theft in Boston (1990 -- still the greatest art theft ever).

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  1. Thank you to Earthview for their visit to our school on Friday. over 120 grade 8 students were able to participate in this wonderful program. All of the representatives from this Bridgewater program were well informed, organized and an overall pleasure to work with. As principal of the Mashpee Middle School, I would highly recommend this program. Thank you again. Mrs. Sheila Arnold