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Friday, February 26, 2010

Horace Mann School -- Feb 26

See the math!
42° 21' 6.84" N
71° 8' 15.72" W
Coordinates from Stephen Morse. Look up your own and calculate how many degrees, minutes, and seconds you are from the Horace Mann School.

On February 26, our team brought Earthview to the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Allston, Massachusetts. The Horace Mann School was established in 1869 to serve the educational needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. We are excited to be part of this school’s tradition academic excellence for the day. We hope Horace Mann students will use the "comments" link to post their geographic questions for the EarthView team!

This week we have a special treat for students and teachers, our team was joined by five exchange students from Manchester Metropolitan University, which is located about an hour from Manchester, England. The students, along with students from Bridgewater State College, are undergraduates participating in a student exchange program for future teachers. The MMU students will help with the presentation and answer questions from students at Horace Mann.

Our February 26 visit was on the the anniversary of some interesting geographic events:

1998-Total solar eclipse in Venezuela-Pacific Ocean        
1980-Egypt and Israel exchange ambassadors for 1st time
1979-Last total eclipse of Sun in 20th century for continental US
1977- 1st flight of Space Shuttle (atop a Boeing 747)
1944- 1st female U.S. Navy captain, Sue Dauser of nurse corps, appointed
1933- Golden Gate Bridge ground-breaking ceremony held at Crissy Field
1885- Congress of Berlin, gives Congo to Belgium and Nigeria to England
Learn more anniversaries and birthdays at Brainy History.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Haiti resources

EarthView team members are part of a wide network of students and faculty at Bridgewater State College who are concerned about Haiti and are doing as much as they can to learn and teach about the country, as well as to assist the Haitian people in their recovery from the earthquake. The BSC-Haiti blog is an ever-growing resource of news about campus projects and educational resources related to Haiti.

Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5: SEMASC Lock-in at Middleborough High School

41° 52' 49" N
70° 52' 27" W
Coordinates from Stephen Morse. Look up your own and calculate how many degrees, minutes, and seconds you are from Middleborough (aka Middleboro) High School.

The EarthView team was pleased to be invited to stay way up past their bedtimes as a special guest of the annual meeting of the Southeast Massachusetts Association of Student Councils (SEMASC) at Middleborough High School.

EarthView usually does not have a DJ. At the SEMASC meeting, hundreds of students
had the chance to dancewhile experiencing the earthin a whole new way!

We hope SEMASC students will check back here for photos and post their comments and questions.