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Monday, March 14, 2011

East Taunton Elementary, March 14

41° 52' 22" N71° 02' 41" W

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Ms. Hill is a student teacher working with Mrs. Majkut's third-grade class at East Taunton Elementary. She was also a student of Dr. Domingo and Dr. Hayes-Bohanan of the EarthView team several years back, when they first became aware of EarthView. It was a delight, therefore, to bring EarthView to the class in which Ms. Hill is teaching this year. The students were very eager to learn about the earth, and showed through their questions and answers that they had already learned a great deal. It was a pleasure to make even a brief visit to ETE today, and we look forward to returning some time for a full-day program.
Dr. Hayes-Bohanan (sometimes known simply as HB) prepares East Taunton
Elementary students to enter EarthView, one of only two hand-painted
inflatable globes of its size in the world.

Ms. Hill steps into the International Date Line near Fiji as she helps
to deflate EarthView following the lesson.

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