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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carver Middle High School - March 25

41° 53' 31" N
70° 45' 11" W
See the Steve Morse lat/long finder to look up other addresses, or read the EarthView lat/long article for much more graticular information!

As Principal Scott Knief recently wrote, the school's mission includes helping students to meet “the changing needs and increased expectations of our town, our state, and our global society.” EarthView's return to Carver -- this is our third or fourth visit -- is intended to help further this goal. By being more aware of how they fit into a global context, students in Carver -- or anywhere -- will be better prepared for future careers and participation in civic life.

It seems that recent events -- especially in North Africa and Japan -- are reminding us all of the importance of those global connections. We encourage students to examine recent blog posts to continue learning about some of the concepts we share during our all-too-brief EarthView programs.

This visit coincides with a very important anniversary in the history of education. On March 25, 1845, the Massachusetts legislature voted to ensure that all children in the Commonwealth would have access to public schools, regardless of race. The story of the determined parents of Nantucket is told on this date's Mass Moments.

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