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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Globe Art

The EarthView team is interested in maps and globes of all kinds, and even during the summer, globes are a big part of what we do ... or a little part, in this case.

A friend of Dr. Hayes-Bohanan noticed the globe painted on the newel post inside his home in Bridgewater, and asked him to do the same at her house.

After months of planning, the project was completed this August. First, the homeowner painted the sphere at the top of the post entirely blue, and then it was allowed to dry thoroughly. Then Dr. Hayes-Bohanan drew the graticule on the sphere in 30-degree increments with a pencil (the high latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere were excluded). The twin grooves at the center were taken to represent 5 degrees north and south latitude. Drawing the entire globe freehand would have been impossible, but within each 30x30-degree quadrangle (triangles at the top), it was feasible to draw the continents and major islands with reasonable accuracy. After the painstaking pencil work, painting with exterior house paint required only a few more hours. Both the artist and the homeowners were pleased, and a little geographic education will take place every time a new person visits this house!

The scale of the final result is quite small, roughly 1:100,000,000, about 100 times smaller than EarthView. This means, by the way, that a million of these globes would fit inside EarthView!

See more photos on Flickr.

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