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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Driscoll School - September 25

42° 20' 29" N
71° 08' 12" W
Source: Steve Morse

The EarthView team will be traveling to Brookline, where team member Dr. Domingo led a Geography Summer Institute earlier in 2009. Dr. Hayes-Bohanan enjoyed leading one small part of that institute, as he described the geography of Latin America. They both thoroughly enjoyed working with Brookline teachers in the beautiful building that houses the Driscoll School. Dr. Domingo will be at a geography conference during this visit, but Dr. Hayes-Bohanan and the rest of the team are looking forward to the visit.

Our September 25 visit coincides with a great number of geographically signficant anniversaries, including:

1992 Opening Main-Donau canal (North Sea-Black Sea)
1992 U.S. Mars Observer launched from Space shuttle
1987 2nd coup on Fiji led by Major General Sitiveni Rabuka
1984 Egypt and Jordan regain diplomatic relations

1973 Three-man crew of Skylab 3 make safe splashdown in Pacific after 59 days
1965 Beatle cartoon show begins in U.S.
1957 Three hundred US Army troops escort nine African-American children to Central School in Little Rock, Arkansas
1957, 1974, 1980, 1982, and 1983: UK, US and/or USSR nuclear tests, sometimes on the same day
1956 First transatlantic telephone cable goes into operation (Scot-Canada)
1939 Versailles Peace Treaty forgot to include Andorra, so Andorra and Germany finally sign an official treaty ending WW I
1926 Henry Ford announces 8 hour, 5-day work week
1867 Congress creates 1st all-African American university, Howard University in Washington D.C.
1639 First printing press in America

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