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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quabbin Regional Middle School

42° 24' 07" N
72° 06' 47" W
Thanks to Steve Morse for his wonderful lat/long finder! Use it to find the angular distance from Quabbin Regional Middle School to your house or to any place on earth. Use it with a globe to find the school's antipode -- the place on the exact opposite side of the earth. It would also be a cool thing to add to the school's web site!

The EarthView team is excited about its return to Quabbin Regional Middle School for the second time -- to be part of its annual overnight program. The entire event is beyond EarthView's normal bed time, so we will only be with the Quabbin seventh graders for half the night! We look forward to an enthusiastic crowd of geo-learners, and to seeing our friend Ms. Erin Stevens, the teacher who coordinates the overnight fun. She is also a leader in geographic education as part of the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance

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