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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


One of the most important lessons of EarthView is that the earth is mainly covered in water. For decades, Dr. Sylvia Earle has been a leader in helping people to understand and explore oceans. Listen to her conversation with radio host Tom Ashbrook to learn about her work, her leadership as a woman in science, and how she got Google Earth to take oceans seriously! You can even follow the discussion on your own computer, using the new layers in Google Oceans. The Ocean layer includes a lot of links to ocean photos, videos, and more from National Geographic and other partners.

Another surprise for many EarthView visitors is the extent of islands and island chains in the Pacific Ocean. Even for the well-traveled EarthView Team, many of the island nations -- and even the U.S. island territories -- are difficult to place. We are finding the Australia/Oceania quiz from Lizard Point helpful, though we still have a lot to learn about this part of the world.

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