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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dec 4th: James M. Quinn School

Latitude: 41° 37' 35" N

Longitude: 70° 57' 48" W
For more coordinates, look at an atlas or use Stephen Morse

We look forward to our visit on December 4th, 2009 to the James M. Quinn School in Dartmouth. Our visit coincides with several important historical and geographical events:

1619 America's 1st Thanksgiving Day (Va)
1945 Senate approves U.S. participation in UN
1963 Aldo Moro forms Italian government
1981 According to South Africa, Ciskei gains independence - Not recognized as an independent country outside South Africa
1982 China adopts its constitution

1908 Birth of: Alfred D. Hershey, U.S. scientist, biologist, worked with bacteriophages, Nobel 1969
1905 Birth of: Emilio Medici, president Brazil, 1969-74

1980 Francisco Sa Carneiro, Prime Minister of Portugal 1980, dies in air crash

For more events, check out Brainy History

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