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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Middleboro High School

On April 1, we are taking EarthView to Middleboro High School for our presentation at the high school level. In Massachusetts, geography is almost exclusively a middle-school subject. Teachers and administrators at MHS invited us to their school because they recognize the importance of geography as part of global education.

In conjunction with the EarthView visit, graduate students in BSC's Jordan program will discuss their home country and the BSC-Jordan exchanges, and Dr. Hayes-Bohanan will give a talk on the cultural geography of Latin American music.

Middleboro HS students who participate in this program are invited to use the "Comments" link below to ask follow-up questions related to any of these presentations.

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  1. Saw the earthview presentation today. I was quite impressed. The globe along with the presentation by Dr. Domingo was fun and insightful.